Whether electrical equipment or home appliances, we provide installation facilities for everything, from home appliances to electrical equipment to kitchen and bathroom fixtures. We are always to support you with your installations so that you can handle that equipment with ease.

Highlighted Features of Installations

Although installing different household machinery may seem a simple task, we should keep it in mind.

Home Appliances

Have you bought a new appliance at home? Do you need help with the installation process? We have a team of technicians to help you in the complete process of installing your new home appliance.

Electrical Equipment

Besides home appliances, we also have our team to install electrical equipment like structural wiring for computer setup, Miniature circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker, etc.

Kitchen And Bathroom Fixtures

Kitchen and bathroom installations include wall cabinets, base cabinets, toilet, shower, bathtub, geyser, etc. Installing all these fixtures come under the installation service.

Additional Fixtures

When it comes to additional installations, we provide you with installation services for countertops, chandeliers, and light installations.