A frame is the backbone of the house. It is responsible for providing the necessary support for everything that succeeds in constructing a house. If the frame is not flexible and sturdy enough to hold the weight, no amount of expensive finishes will be able to hide the flaws. The door might crack, the countertop might gradually slip out of the level, or even the floor might collapse. We provide various framing options, and our skilled carpentry crew makes sure that it stands solid.

Highlighted Features

Are you opting for complete house remodeling or interested in giving your home a new frame look? In either case, we must build strong, energy-efficient, durable, and disaster-resistant frames. Our workers and builders make sure that the framing structures are made up of the best quality materials, are moisture resistant, and reduce utility costs. Some of the features that make the frames more user friendly and long-lasting are as follows:

Metal Hangers And Ties

We utilize a hundred different galvanized steel fittings, from joist hangers to hurricane straps. These metal hangers are designed to stay sturdy and strong in earthquake and hurricane-prone regions.

Lightweight Joists

We prefer to you high-grade lightweight joists glued between the horizontal flanges of laminated lumber. It almost covers a maximum length of 60 feet but is only half the length.

Engineered Beams

LVLs are commonly used as ridge beams and headers above doors and windows. They are also used as joists, rafters, and stair stringers wherever you need an optimum performance in minimum space.

Foam Adhesives

We use the new foam-based adhesives driven by the super sticking power of polyurethane and are easily dispensed. These adhesives are excellent due to their ultra-strong, heat-resistant properties and are specifically formulated to work with rigid foams.

Most contemporary custom-built houses, bungalows, and villas prefer lightweight wood framing. This framing allows quick construction as the builders do not need heavy tools to lift these components. In addition, light wood allows for design flexibility, and is its renewable light environment helps the environment.