Drywall is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) extruded between thick facer and baker paper sheets. These are also called plasterboard, wallboard, or gypsum board, typically used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. The plaster is then mixed with fiber, plasticizers, foaming agents, and additives to reduce flammability and water absorption.

Highlighted Features of Drywall

We at Remodels, Repairs, and Renovations LLC provide you with various Drywalls. Each drywall is uniquely manufactured and used for different purposes. We have the Regular Drywall used for standard applications in walls, ceilings, or other architectural features. In addition to it, we also feature other kinds of Drywalls, which typically take care of particular circumstances and needs.

Fire-Rated (Type X Or Perlite)

Fiber strands are added to a standard gypsum mixture to produce Fire-rated drywalls and maintain the stability and integrity of the structure. Fire-Rated drywalls are typically used in walls and ceilings that require a fire rating beyond 20 minutes.

Impact Resistant

In this drywall, fiber strands are added to the gypsum mixture, and thicker paper is used to prevent damage. Impact-resistant drywalls are used in structures like schools and dormitories.

Moisture Resistant:

Water-resistant green paper covers a typical gypsum core in this drywall. Moisture-resistant drywalls are typically used in the bathroom.

Sound Board

These unique drywalls are manufactured when viscoelastic polymers are added to traditional gypsum boards. The polymers convert noise energy into heat energy without affecting the walls.

The newest drywall types being introduced are being marketed as eco-friendly to utilize the growing market for green products. In addition, we have our team of dedicated builders and engineers who will help you install the drywall in your home.