Demolition of buildings and structures is required for various reasons. We know that every structure or building is estimated to have a definite lifespan due to certain raw materials and climatic conditions. When the designed life of the structure is over, the building/structure is no safer for living or use. At that time, you need to demolish the old one to get it replaced by a new one with sturdy and stable foundations.

Highlighting Features of Demolition

The tearing down of a building or structure that involves taking a structure or building apart while preserving the valuable elements for re-use is called demolition. A particular structure or building can be demolished manually or mechanically, depending upon the method used for demolition.


The building survey for the demolition process incorporates types of construction materials used, presence of hazardous chemicals, flammable explosives, drainage, and shared facilities with adjoining buildings.

Removal Of Toxic Materials

If hazardous materials are found in demolition investigations like asbestos minerals, petroleum contamination, and radioactive metals. In that case, specialized personnel is called to remove these materials.

Preparation Of Plan

A detailed demolition blueprint is made, illustrating every step in the demolition process. A few aspects that are mentioned in the blueprint are the location of the building to be demolished and the distance from the demolished site to its adjacent building streets and structures.

Safety Measure

All the workers, site supervisors, and engineers are briefed on the potential hazards and the process of demolitions. Moreover, all combustible materials like wood, timber, fuels, etc., are stored properly prior to the demotion process.

At Remodel, Repair and Renovations LLC, we provide complete demolition of houses and a partial demotion of a single structure. While carrying out demolitions, we comply with the safety guidelines and take precautionary means while dismantling or destructing the existing structures. There are various methods involved in demolition, namely the Wrecking Ball method, Pusher Arm technique, Pressure Jetting, Concrete Sawing Method, Thermic Lance technique, etc.