Suppose you are very particular about the designs and functionalities of your home. Then, these additions are suitable for you. For example, most of us generally prefer different light fixtures that are utility additions to our home. Apart from the lighting, false ceiling, deck, balcony, and inground swimming pool are other important additions that we all love to incorporate into our residential spaces.

Highlighted Features of Additional Services

If you are looking to add some utility features to turn your living space into a smart house, then Remodels, Repairs, and Renovation LLC is the right platform to connect to. We provide different lighting fixtures like linear LED, ceiling lights, track lighting, monorail, etc. We also build deck space, inground swimming pools, and false ceilings.

Light Fixtures

The three most common functional forms of lighting fixtures are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. These lighting fixtures can be considered ceiling lights, wall lights, study lights, outdoor lights, LED lights, etc.

False Ceiling

We also build gypsum board fall ceilings that add an extra edge to the design and style of your room ceiling. These ceilings come with the properties of thermal insulation, sound insulation, energy-saving, and even light distribution throughout the space.

Deck And Balcony

Whether it's spring, summer, or winter, it's great to enjoy the outdoors, even if it's only from your balcony. We built decks, balconies, and patios to add extra space to your living space.

Inground Swimming Pool

Now, you can enjoy in-house swimming pools by availing of our additional services. Remodels, Repairs, and Renovation LLC also builds inground swimming pools that can facilitate your relaxation and enjoyment.