At Remodels Repairs, we provide you with all the electrical services that you may require while constructing, repairing, or remodeling your house. Our electrical services include different wiring, schemes of distribution, arrangements for lightning, power installations, and many more. Some of our services, in particular, include installing new appliances, alarms, stand-by supplies, fixed wiring, electrical switchboards, circuit breakers, generators, high voltage solutions, underground solutions, and overhead solutions.

Highlighting Features of Electrical

We have a team of electrical professionals who have the necessary knowledge to meet the electrical demands of a construction or renovation site. However, each site has unique demands, and thus it is crucial to be aware of what and how to accomplish the electrical installations at the site. Our highlighting electrical features involve design and construction, preventive maintenance, urgent repairs, thermal imaging, emergency lighting, communication cabling, and energy management.

All Types Of Wiring

We offer all types of wiring involved in construction, demolition, switchboards, sheds, lighting, etc. Our wiring services generally involve overhead wiring, permanent wiring, temporary wiring, and a lots more.

High Voltage Solutions

Electricity is considered high voltage if it exceeds 1000 volt AC or 1500 volt DC. We provide electrical installations and switchboard works that go beyond the specified threshold.

Underground Solutions

Underground wiring or cables are used in urban areas where overhead lines are unavailable. In addition, we have an array of different insulated tools that ensure electrical safety and are used in all types of underground cablings.

Power Installations

We offer you different power installation services like residential installations and commercial installations. Our services include necessary cabling and associated devices such as switches, distribution boards, sockets, light fitting, etc.

We ensure that all the electrical needs of the residential and commercial space are well taken care of. Remodels Repairs is a platform where we provide safe and energy-efficient installations in compliance with international standards. We follow the general instructions, use high-quality materials and incorporate all the safety tools like insulated gloves, life-saving kits, operating rods, gas detection equipment, earthing and short circuit kits, voltage detectors, etc.